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Management team

Commitment to always be ahead of scientific and technological progress means a challenge to address the center for research and treatment of addictions.

Jose Maria Fabregas Pedrell

Psychiatrist / addiction specialist

Medical director / Psychiatrist / Substance misuse specialist

He started his professional career in Marmottande Hospital, Paris, where he worked with Professor Olievenstein. He then moves to New York, USA to gain professional experience. In 1981 he creates his own clinic, CITA (Centre for Research and Treatment of Addictions), with the objective to develop a therapeutic community which has been working for the last 32 years.
Years later he creates a new project called CITA CLINICA and, in the last years, CITA FUNDACION and CITA JOVENES.

Susana Ferrer

General manager

Masters in Accounting – CENTRE D’ESTUDIS PRAT
Masters in Business Administration – ESCUELA DE DIRECCIÓN EADA

Sergi Vilardell

Therapeutic director

Social and Corporate educator. Psychologist.
He coordinates the various projects that exist in our different CITA centres.

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