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Commitment to always be ahead of scientific and technological progress means a challenge to address the center for research and treatment of addictions.

Jose Maria Fabregas Pedrell

Psychiatrist / addiction specialist

He started his professional career in Marmottande Hospital, Paris, where he worked with Professor Olievenstein. He then moves to New York, USA to gain professional experience. In 1981 he creates his own clinic, CITA (Centre for Research and Treatment of Addictions), with the objective to develop a therapeutic community which has been working for the last 32 years.
Years later he creates a new project called CITA CLINICA and, in the last years, CITA FUNDACION and CITA JOVENES.

Margarita Roscach


Therapist, Diploma of the 1st Moscow State Medical Institute Sechenov, 1987 (now -University)

Specialization – psychiatry, diploma of the Centro Urbano Clinico (Moscow, 1992)

Specialization – Narcology, Postgraduate Medical Diploma at the First Moscow Medical Institute, 1993

Specialization – psychotherapy, diploma City Hospital Clinic. Botkin, where he conducted the individual hands-on courses led by prof. Lopatin, 1993

1987-2000 – Worked at the first Clinical Hospital of Psychiatry. PP Kashchenko (currently – Alekseyev NA)

Medical certificate certified by the Ministry of Education and Science in Madrid in 2005

Collegiate number of Physicians of Barcelona 49839.

Bertha Guzman

Bertha Guzman


Bachelor of Medicine, Universidad Autónoma de Baja California, Mexico.

She completed her pediatric residency at the General Hospital of Mexicali, the specialty and residency in psychiatry at the Institute of Psychiatry of the State of Baja California and the Autonomous University of Baja California, rotation in child psychiatry at the Children’s Psychiatric Hospital “Juan N. Navarro” and the specialty in Strategic Brief Psychotherapy, Gestalt Psychotherapy and Systemic Psychotherapy at the University of Advanced Studies UNEA.


Family Medicine

Degree in Medicine and Surgery from the University of Navarra and Specialist in Family and Community Medicine.

After practicing in Santa Maria del Mar Hospital as an intern. In different Basic Health Areas in Rio de Janeiro, in the “Gòtic”, in Olympic Village.

She has worked in home emergency services in ‘Sanihome S.L’, in ‘Sar-Domus’, in ‘Asinsa S.L,’ and in Event Medical Services.

She also spent 6 months at the ‘SEM’ Medical Emergency System in Barcelona.

She has also worked as a family doctor in the ‘CAP Manso’ and in the emergency centre of the ‘CAP de Sant Andreu’.

She has given medical support for events and congresses such as ‘Doctor On Call (DOC S.L.)’ and has worked in the Pediatric Home Emergency Service: ‘EMUP S.L.’ and has given medical assistance in ‘Sar QUATIVAE La Salut-Josep Servant’, to patients after acute admissions in Hospital Sant Pau and Clínica Platon.

Amaya Abal is a home emergency physician and medical support in ‘Eurogestión y Salud’ since 2015 and joins the Center for detoxification and research into addictions CITA.

Clara Oliveras Salvà


With a degree in medicine from the University of Barcelona, she has worked at the Hospital Clínic in Barcelona as a resident psychiatrist and psychologist in the addiction unit since 2014.

She is currently a member of the Catalan Society of Psychiatry and Mental Health, and has taken a course in psychology, psychiatry, motivation, psychopharmacology, psychopathologies and cognitive therapies, focused on reinsertion in alcoholism and health sciences.

She has carried out different researches on drugs and psychoactive substances, and on pathological behaviours.

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