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Cita Outpatients Clinic

CITA have created in Barcelona a resource for the diagnosis and treatment of disorders of impulse and addictive behavior.

About Rehab Center

The Center for Treatment of Addiction Cita has in the city of Barcelona, with a review seeking to establish a diagnosis, offer guidance on how best to address an addiction and provide nonresidential treatment of addictive behaviors.
Cita Ambulatory (Cita outpatient) center provides outpatient treatment of complete and effective addictions, designed for those who can sustain abstinence without an income. We also have the resource to have the support of a therapeutic companion.
To provide comprehensive and individualized treatment, a multidisciplinary
team of professionals use the most advanced diagnostic techniques to advise each patient on the most appropriate resource.
The OUTPATIENT center also allows residential treatment to outpatient treatment follow-up, keeping the same reference professionals. In this way, we ensure continuity of treatment.

Cita ambulatory also offers specific treatments.

Treatment and Services

  • Prevention Program and adolescent mediation cannabis abusers, and reinforcing family and your environment
  • Individual and group therapy
  • Day Center and overnight service or weekends
  • Monitoring and reinforcement: individual attention, relapse prevention, and detection and correction of triggers.
  • Attention families: family groups, individual therapy and family therapy relatives
  • Online Therapy Service

Consult our specialists

Please call us or fill out the form on the site, and our specialist will contact you.
Each person is unique, and therefore we develop an individual rehabilitation program for each patient.

We guarantee complete anonymity and we never disclose personal details of our patients.

Telephone+34 937 918 008

    Cita Community

    Therapy and rehabilitation
    Detoxification center for short therapeutic processes with reeducational effective interventions.

    Cita Clinic

    For entrepreneurs and executives
    Addictions Clinic which allows to combine a detoxification program with external commitments.

    Cita Foundation

    Partially subsidised places
    Addictions treatment Center that has partially subsidized places.

    Cita Youth

    Urban and residential therapeutic center
    Detoxification center directed to a young people collective that has its own needs.

    Cita Outpatient

    Therapy and rehabilitation
    Detoxification center for short therapeutic processes with reeducational effective interventions.