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Dual Diagnosis

Patients benefit from personalized psychiatric care as well as the combination of psychological, social and educational interventions adapted to each specific person.
Dual Diagnosis is the name applied in mental health to those suffering from addiction and a mental disorder. Epidemiological studies show that at least 70% of subjects who present addictions also suffer from another mental disorder. Also show that in most cases, the manifestations of mental disorder precede addiction.

The more common Psychopathological disorders in dual diagnosis are: Psychological disorder or psycho-toxic, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and borderline personality disorder.
Clinics CITA, in its commitment to provide comprehensive and effective substance addictions and behavioral addictions, has integrated a specific treatment plan for patients with dual diagnosis as these patients require a special strategy and take longer time and care. Since the Dual Diagnosis Specific Unit was launched in 2009, CITA residential centers have adapted to the needs and capabilities of this type of patients. In this way it has been shown that individualized attention, small groups, the same referent throughout treatment and the program we have developed, increase the adherence and faster adaptation to the program.
During their stay in CITA, users benefit from medical, psychotherapeutic and social interventions adapted to each specific case: psychiatric care is available 24 hours, small therapeutic groups and individual psychotherapy, group and family (individual care at least 3 times weekly by our psychologists and occupational therapists). It also includes 2 sessions per week of EAP (Equine Assisted Psychotherapy), cognitive behavioral workshops and psycho-educational activities tailored to the skills and difficulties of each patient. Patients also participate in occupational therapy in the garden and orchard.
And now, we have created a DAY CENTRE in CITA Clinic to give to our patients the adequate support that they require during the day. Patients come from our Out Patient Clinic in Barcelona and are also referred through our residential centers to continue their treatment as DAY Patients.
Once in the Clinic, patients will have continued professional care (doctor, psychologist, social worker and occupational therapist, also blood test twice a week) and continue with the activities weekly personalized program.

10am: Host group, delivery of diary timetable
11am – 1pm: Ceramic, photography and design workshop with a psychological focus (3 times a week: Monday, Wednesday and Friday) / Workshop recovery and prevention of cognitive problems (2 times a week: Tuesday and Thursday)
4pm-6pm: Gym, trips, theater, cinema club, visits

We also offer the possibility of home care:

  • Home visits as required by our patients
  • We extended the support during the reintegration process
  • Continuity of the process. Maintenance of the connection after the reintegration phase
  • Working directly with the patient’s difficulties
  • Specific help in Reintegration
  • Direct observation of the patient’s behaviour in their own environment
  • Risk assessment

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Each person is unique, and therefore we develop an individual rehabilitation program for each patient.

We guarantee complete anonymity and we never disclose personal details of our patients.

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