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Alcohol Detoxification

Even though alcohol is a legal drug, it creates a very intense withdrawal syndrome. From our professional point of view, alcohol addiction requires careful assistance provided by qualified personnel because withdrawal syndrome requires specialized care and a treatment.

Alcoholism treatment

At CITA our therapeutic team evaluates the particular characteristics of each patient, establishing different protocols for each case and circumstances.
Alcohol withdrawal syndrome invariably has to be supervised by specialists trained for that purpose. At CITA we have the appropriate setting
for such a process, assisted by qualified staff.
After evaluation by our medical and psychiatric team, and under their supervision, we design the best plan of action for each case.
The efficiency of our method is proven by the fact that none of our patients ever abandon their treatment at the detox phase. We also have excellent reviews from our patients after alcoholism treatment.
Any doubts about therapeutic approaches can be discussed with our doctors and other specialists.

General information about alcohol

Alcohol has been considered a serious problem since XVIII century, especially since the appearance of the industry in general, that is, when alcohol distillation began turning ethanol into hard liquor like brandy.

History of alcohol

In the 50s the World Health Organization substituted the term “alcoholism” for “syndrome of alcohol dependence”, and included it in the list of mental and behavioural disorders, due to the use of psychotropic drugs. Since then, alcohol abuse has been considered an addiction, a drug.
Ethyl alcohol belongs to the group of drugs referred to as “central nervous system depressors”. According to official figures in Spain, it has been the most widely consumed drug for the last few decades; three out of four people that try it repeat consumption within 30 days.

With this in mind, several questions arise:

  • When a person has an alcohol problem, how do we detect the various indicators?
  • Which treatment is the best?
  • How can one stop drinking alcohol?

Consequences of alcohol consumption

Alcohol consumption affects almost all systems in our bodies.
This addictive substance is also associated with tobacco consumption and other substances, harming the body even more, ie. those who drink alcohol are more predisposed to the use of other drugs and therefore have more health problems.
Concerning alcohol consumption, it is of utmost importance to know the level of consumption of each person in order to decide whether or not it represents a problem, whether the person is at the initial (acute) stage or a more advanced (severe) stage.

Treatments for alcohol detoxification

Firstly we have to keep in mind that alcohol addiction is a result of many factors (including genetic inheritance due to birth defects).
At CITA centers, treatment for alcohol detoxification has at its foundation a global approach involving various professionals as part of an interdisciplinary support, which is why we can speak of a BIO-PSYCHO-SOCIAL assistance, where the whole is more than just the sum of its parts.
On the other hand, our detox treatments are personalized for each patient depending on their unique needs and characteristics.
We can distinguish several steps and therapeutic goals that guide us along the process of treatment and recovery:

At CITA centers for treatment of alcohol addiction, therapeutic activities are based on individual and group therapy. They are based on the plan of action designed for each patient and on the advice of the therapists at every point of treatment so that all subsequent steps remain relevant, for example psycho-educational workshops, relapse prevention, emotion management, social skills workshops, yoga, sports, relaxation techniques, all of which provide the patient with therapeutic restraint.
We also offer equine therapy, guided and coordinated by professionals that can be very useful when combined with other activities.
At CITA centers we have different institutional resources: CITA Professional, CITA Clinic, CITA City and CITA outpatient, which allows us to offer a complete treatment program.
We are confident that our method of addiction treatment provides excellent results, our guarantee is the numerous clients that come to us first seeking help and ultimately resolve their addiction problems with the help of our treatment programs. Our patients are pleased with the results, as are we with achieving our goals.

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