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Sex Addiction

Sexuality is a natural and essential aspect in humans, but when it becomes an obsession that interferes with daily life, work, personal and social relationships, causing anxiety, stress and guilt, then it becomes a problem with serious consequences.

What’s sex addiction?

Sex addiction is considered a disorder, which is defined as “unfailingly compulsive behaviour, involuntary tendency, uncontrollable, repetitive and thoughtless, aimed at establishing a stereotyping kind of sex which has an overwhelming feeling of dissatisfaction”.
We see how this type of addiction affects all aspects of personal life and is a source of unhappiness, usually at the time the addict loses control of the situation, follows their fantasies, making pleasurable sex “normal”, becoming a cause of discomfort. It is a compulsive behaviour that aims to ease the anxiety in an inappropriate way, which generates dissatisfaction and anxiety . “Self-rejection” is experienced and such behavior not only calms anxiety, but creates a lot of problems.

It’s common that sex addicts create professional, family, economic and social problems because their sexual behaviour often forces them to solicit prostitutes, watch porn, call sex lines, engage in sex with strangers even without protection, making their life around sex one lacking in pleasure, but with feelings of guilt and suffering.

Compulsive sexual behaviour has a psychological origin where sexual fantasies, dreams and erotic thoughts become the release valve to a number of problems that are transformed to give a sexual breakthrough: work problems, relationships, low self-esteem, dissatisfaction and other conflicts in the history of one’s life.

The addict is forced, in many cases, to hide the problem through leading a “double life”. Lies are directed towards others but also towards oneself, in order to convince themselves that everything is under control, including the typical promise “it’s the last time”.
People addicted to sex develop various strategies to cheat third parties, in particular their partners. They feel shame because they realize that they can’t reduce their impulses and this produces significant feelings of impotence and suffering.
Data from the National Council of Sexual Addiction (NCSA) U.S. say: 40% lose their partner, another 40% suffer unwanted pregnancies, 72% have obsessive thoughts about suicide, 17% had attempted suicide , 36% aborted, 27% have employment problems and 68% are at risk of contracting AIDS or other sexually transmitted diseases.

Treatment of Addiction to Sex

It is a disorder with a good prognosis if one does to a specialist and starts a specific treatment.
Regardless of the cause, treating sex addiction is possible. The specialist seeks through psychotherapy, possible triggers of dependency and through cognitive-behavioral techniques, treating the patient’s sexual behavior.

Our treatment emphasizes the psychological and pharmacological support, depending on the duration, intensity and degree of the reality
distortion. We know that the management of sex addiction is complex and requires professional intervention, like in other addiction. To do this, we follow psychotherapeutic and educational strategies, individual therapy and other multidisciplinary interventions.
Prevention requires a prompt learning to identify the circumstances that trigger then develop the addiction and create an avoidant strategy.

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