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CITA Clinics is still operating with the possibility of making new admissions with a specific protocol, complying with all health regulations due to the emergency situation of COVID-19.

Given the situation, we have also enabled the possibility of performing online therapies meeting all the quality standards.

An Exclusive Addiction Treatment Centre Surrounded By Nature

Situated in a tranquil and natural environment, CITA Clinics provide the perfect space for a sustainable recovery. We offer a complete residential treatment with detox and dependency therapies to leave addiction behind. But our commitment doesn’t end there. We also tailor our post-admission care to prevent relapses. That’s why, throughout your stay, our qualified medical team will work with you to develop healthy habits, find new interests, and recover self-esteem. No matter the form of your addiction, CITA Clinics will support your first steps toward taking back control of your life.


No matter what substance you are dependent upon, whether it’s alcohol, cocaine, heroin, or any other drug, CITA Clinics has the therapy you need. We will be your ally during your fight to get sober and resume a healthy lifestyle.

Professionals at CITA Clinics guide patients through three distinct recovery phases: detox, habit-breaking, and rehabilitation. Our programme contains both group and individual sessions so that improvements are consolidated by support from other inpatients.


In our addictions centres, we treat all types of behavioural addiction and have more than 30 years of experience helping patients recover from addictions to gambling, sex, technology, and shopping.

CITA Clinics therapy allows addicts to identify, confront, and master the mechanisms behind their addiction. Each patient receives a unique treatment itinerary tailored to their specific addiction and experience. Thanks to this, the recoveries we produce are effective at preventing relapses.



We achieve a high recovery success rate through the use of innovative treatment techniques.

CITA Clinics is currently the only Spanish rehabilitation centre that offers Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP). During our EAP sessions, patients participate in various activities with horses that help them to gain control over their behaviours and emotions.

Every treatment method we use has been endorsed by expert addiction and detoxification professionals. With CITA, you will be able to access a comprehensive recovery program that can include yoga sessions, meditation classes, art workshops, sports competitions, and other activities.


Residential treatment is an effective way to break patients out of their normal environments and thus tackle the root of an addiction. This therapeutic programme lasts 24 hours a day meaning the patient continues to work on their recovery journey even in moments of rest.

Our Dosrius complex, located in Barcelona’s Sierra del Corredor, provides excellent facilities that allow addicts to isolate themselves from any circumstances or routines connected to their dependency. Tranquil environments encourage recovery and CITA Clinics has the best centre for anyone searching for a sense of serenity.


During our 30 years of experience, we have used our therapeutic expertise to serve thousands of satisfied patients. The CITA Clinicas medical team is made up of a diverse range of medical professionals including psychiatrists, nurses, psychologists, and psychotherapists, each at the top of their field.

Our multidisciplinary team is highly qualified and supports the patient through their detox journey to ensure a successful treatment outcome. Our staff provide 24-hour care including holidays and weekends. Because of this diligent approach, we are able to guarantee patient well-being throughout rehabilitation.


We know that taking the first step toward addressing addiction is never easy. That’s why CITA Clinics will create a bespoke treatment plan for you and make sure that professionals are on-hand to support you throughout your recovery. If you’re ready to quit drugs and behaviours, CITA Clinics offers high satisfaction rates and has helped thousands of patients to overcome adiction. Take back the life you deserve: call us now and get help.


Cocaine is one of the most addictive drugs. Residential programs have been shown to have the best treatment success rates of any type of cocaine detox system that exists today. Only through residential detoxes can the patient be isolated from a consumption-encouraging environment, allowing habits to be changed and the addiction ended.

At CITA Clinics, our medical team supervises each patient individually during their three phases of treatment: detox, habit-breaking, and rehabilitation. After the patient has left our clinic, they can complete their treatment at home and continue to follow up with their nearest CITA Clinics affiliated centre. This prevents relapses and ensures complete recovery.


At cita.io we help health professionals win the battle against COVID-19 While the virus emergency lasts, enjoy our platform completely free for 2 weeks.

Our usual price is 8.25 cents per minute of video conferencing.

Quality Certificates that Endorse Our Addictions Center

Quality Certificates that Endorse Our Addictions Center