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INFORMACIÓN: 937 918 008



CITA VIP is CITA’s newest solution for the treatment of addictions. A new space characterized by a highly exclusive and absolute care facilities. It allows the highest levels of confidentiality and privacy for patients, while they have the ability to access the facilities of the Clinic.
This option only has 2 separate spaces. This is a completely personalized treatment and housing; adapted to the individual needs of each patient and carefully down to the smallest detail. Daily activities, sessions and workshops program involves a continuous relay of professionals (psychologists, therapists, sociotherapists, psychiatrists and guests) The hosting for this mode is located in a restricted area that gives the rooms an absolute privacy and just a half hour from the city of Barcelona tranquility.
CITA VIP has a large private pool, sauna with chromotherapy, steam shower and sequential thermal exclusive use, and of course all the facilities that comprise the complex CITA.
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